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Cash management & Position Keeping


Electronic money institutions (IMEL), credit institutions that offer collection and payment services.



The correct management of treasury flows has always been one of the issues to which the CFOs of every small or large company pay the utmost attention. Having updated and integrated information at hand in real time both from your own accounting systems and from external systems allows you to operate at your best and allows you to make the most appropriate decisions to ensure optimal liquidity management.



Through the use of a series of specialized modules of the RMT—Risk Management & Treasury solution, we have created a scalable and easily usable software solution that helps the treasury in managing intraday and prospective liquidity through query functions and dashboards that allow:

  • The current and forecast view of bank accounts used in treasury activities
  • Integrated management of the Bank's position
  • The transposition of Cash Flows originating from operations in Securities, Money Market and Forex
  • The integration of Advance Notice Movements to ensure timeliness in managing the available balance
  • Liquid Balances divided by application family



The scalable, easy-to-install solution adapts to different business realities, which can be intermediary banks or direct banks on the BCE.

The Position Keeping system manages liquidity operations and calculates balances in real time by interfacing with the main payment systems (Target, Bicomp, etc.) and allows all flows coming from the Bank's information system to be channeled into a single Dashboard / Institute.

RMT Platform

Liquidity Dashboard - Position Keeping
Integrated Treasury management
Interface with payment systems

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