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Our specific digital solutions for Financial Brokers have been chosen by major Italian and foreign institutions to handle the emerging challenges of corporate and retail markets.

We stand alongside institutions in their end-to-end digital transformation path, with modular solutions for simplified management of all bank credit processes and of the product companies controlled by the bank, with a particular focus on dematerialization of the processes.

Our solutions are aimed at both traditional operators (banks, financial brokers, “Confidi” credit guarantee consortia) and new players carrying out financial brokerage and credit activities with different roles such as master servicer, special servicer, alternative investment funds (credit and debit).

Finwave Mercato Banking Introduzione

Why choose Finwave?

  • Twenty years of vertical expertise in banking processes
  • Flexibility of the Agile™ project approach and SaaS / pay-per-use business model
  • Guaranteed and certified technology in the banking field to protect client investments
  • Innovation - Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Augmented Reality modules already available in our solutions
  • End-to-end coverage the area of coverage of our solutions ranges from onboarding to compliance and operational back-end. Our horizontal know-how guarantees effectiveness and minimized project costs
  • Our team - our people and their skills and expertise are the main asset benefiting our clients
Finwave Mercato Banking Accordion

Our fintech banking solutions

KYC & onboarding

  • customer digital identity & SPID
  • scoring
  • due diligence
  • vendor portal
  • customer portal
  • onboarding of the acquired credit portfolio

Credit area: assessment and monitoring

  • application process
  • scoring
  • ratings from official agencies
  • acceptance risk assessment
  • portfolio monitoring and Early Warning System
  • big data & analytics for credit risk monitoring
  • guarantee management
  • treasury monitoring

Credit area: Credit management

  • ST & MLT credits management
  • consumer financing
  • loans for specific purposes
  • salary-backed loans
  • Movement
  • Plans management (ITA, FRA, DEU, Custom)
  • New finance
  • POOL management
  • receipts management & early collection
  • customer service processes management
  • integrated accounting management


  • guarantees issued
  • guarantees received
  • standard, mixed-use, “omnibus” credit line management
  • collateral/unsecured guarantee management
  • connections management
  • movable assets management
  • real assets management
  • owner master data
  • lots management
  • appraisals management
  • appraiser master data


  • UTP management
  • NPL management
  • Business plan
  • Receipts
  • Accounting movements
  • Debt restructuring
  • Interest rate tables
  • Expenses payables cycle
  • Repeat expenses management
  • Costs breakdown

Credit assignment

  • factoring
  • supply chain finance
  • securitizations
  • digital factoring portal
  • securitization
  • ReoCo management
  • LeasCo management

Asset finance & medium/long-term rental

  • medium- / long-term rental
  • finance leasing
  • operating leasing
  • stock financing and dealer floor plan

Back Office

  • BO Payment
  • BO Factoring
  • BO Reporting
  • BO Leasing
  • BO Lending
  • BO Investiment/Tax
  • BO Complaints

Wealth Management

  • Mifid questionnaire management
  • Daily monitoring of client portfolio risk
  • Viewing of client portfolios and generation of detailed reports
  • Importing of securities portfolios held at other institutions
  • Securities register management
  • Quantitative analysis over different time periods by financial instrument or portfolio
  • Aggregation of different portfolios for global risk assessment
  • Daily monitoring and alerting for portfolios under advisory services
  • Summary reporting for management
  • Example portfolio management (in asset class and with instruments) for the advisory service
  • Generation of customized investment proposals suited to the client risk profile
  • post trading / settlement
  • tax management for securities

Regulatory compliance

  • ADE (Italian Revenue Agency) financial investigations
  • ADE single input
  • anti-money laundering
  • anti-terrorism
  • losses history
  • anti-usury
  • BankIT supervisory reports
  • BankIT risk office
  • vertical credit bureaus (CRIF, BDCR Assilea)
  • electronic invoicing SDI (data flow interchange system) service center

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